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Arturia KeyLab Essential 61 mk3 White


Key Features:

• Velocity-sensitive keybed with hybrid synth-piano feel
• 1 clickable encoder, 9 encoders, 9 faders (30mm), 6 transport
switches, 4 command switches, 1 modulation wheel, 1 pitch bend
wheel, 8 touch & pressure-sensitive pads
• MIDI out, USB, Sustain pedal
• Premium music-making software bundle
• Seamless integration with Analog Lab V (included)
• Creative features like Arpeggiator, Chord play, and Scale mode


Your essential ingredients for creativity
Whether you’re a beginner producer or an experienced music maker looking
for a refreshed setup, KeyLab Essential distills everything you want in a
controller into a simple, fun, expressive keyboard for production and
performance. Enjoy comfy keybeds, tactile DAW-integrated controls, and
thoughtful layout that simply makes your creative life easier.

Advanced features, simple workflow
KeyLab Essential provides an array of useful & intuitive controls that’ll
get the job done. Interact with encoders, faders, pads, and more in a way
that makes sense for your setup, giving you a hands-on experience bal-
anced with software flexibility.

The best DAW integration
Get creative right out the box with KeyLab Essential’s custom DAW
scripts, bringing pre-mapped controls into your workflow with any major
DAW. Not only that, but the KeyLab Essential controls work seamlessly
with Analog Lab V, the included sound anthology plugin – letting you
freely explore thousands of sounds old and new.

Your musical workhorse
For when you want to get experimental, find a new sound, or just need a
bit of extra inspiration, KeyLab Essential has a few tricks up its
sleeve. Create fun ever-changing melodies with the Arpeggiator, weave
rich chord voicings with Chord play, and always stay in key thanks to
Scale mode.

What’s new compared to the previous version?
• A bigger display with 4 contextual buttons
• 5 dedicated DAW scripts, plus MCU & HUI protocols, for controlling
any DAW
• Enhanced integration with Arturia Software
• Creative features: Scale mode, Chord Play, Arpeggiator (with pre-
sets), Hold function
• 2 Pad Banks (for finger drumming, clip launching, or User configu-
• Bigger software bundle (Analog Lab V, Ableton Live Lite, NI The
Gentleman, UVI Model D, Loopcloud & Melodics)
• Multi-purpose pedal input (Sustain, Footswitch or Expression)
• Eco-designed


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