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Kali Audio WS-12 Subwoofer



  • 1,000W, 12″ powered subwoofer
  • 23Hz–160Hz frequency response faithfully reproduces your mix’s low-frequency content
  • 123dB max SPL — loud enough for 5.1 arrays and light PA use (5.1 systems require an external processor and crossover)
  • Built-in limiter circuit protects against unsafe voltage levels
  • Small size fits easily under your desk and in most small passenger cars
  • Mega-durable 18mm plywood enclosure and roadworthy side handles
  • Low-noise port tube yields clean, punchy bass with zero chuffing
  • Selectable crossovers every 20Hz between 40Hz and 140Hz for use in a myriad of applications
  • Presets for Kali’s LP-6, LP-8, and IN-8 studio monitors, plus LFE and external crossover settings
  • 4 preset gain adjustment settings compensate for the sub’s positioning
  • Polarity reverse function resolves a common sonic problem
  • RCA inputs accommodate consumer-grade devices
  • Power-saving standby mode
  • Rear-panel jack enables you to use a 3rd-party footswitch to bypass the subwoofer

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Designed for the studio or light-duty stage applications, the Kali Audio WS-12 is an active 12″ subwoofer well suited for recording studios, broadcast environments, film mixing, and small stage setups. The WS-12 utilizes a 1000W Class-D amplifier to power the woofer, which is capable of a frequency response of 30 to 160 Hz at ±3 dB (23 Hz at -10 dB) and a maximum SPL of 123 dB.

The WS-12 excels at reproducing film soundtracks, as well as bass heavy music like EDM and Hip-Hop. The front-firing port tube is designed to ensure that all the air leaves the port tube at the same velocity, preventing turbulent chuffing while creating a tight, clean bass tone that is devoid of noise.

The rear panel offers several DIP switches for setting crossover settings, gain controls, and polarity. Two combo XLR-1/4″ inputs and two XLR outputs allow for flexibility when deploying in the studio or onstage. Additionally, there are a pair of RCA inputs, which are defeatable via dip-switch settings. A universal power supply allows the WS-12 to be used anywhere in the world with the flip of a switch. The Kali Audio WS-12 ships with a power cord.


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