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Modal Electronics Cobalt8



  • Play rich analogue-style sounds driven by COBALT8’s Extended Virtual-Analogue Synthesis, combining traditional technology with modern synth features
  • Create your own signature sounds by harnessing the power of COBALT8’s unique waveform architecture with 34 complex sophisticated algorithms and Modal’s morphable 4-pole Ladder Filter
  • Bring performance to a new level with MPE support, the integrated 512-note Realtime/Step Sequencer, 32-step programmable Arpeggiator and powerful Animation Lanes
  • Express yourself with the class-leading 37-note key bed with aftertouch, built into a road-ready aluminium enclosure
  • Integrate COBALT8 into your production and live performances with the full-size MIDI connections and the 3.5mm Sync Ins and Outs
  • Access all synthesiser functions and update COBALT8 via the free MODALapp, available on macOS, Windows, iOS, iPadOS, Android and AU/VST3

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The Modal Electronics COBALT8 is a high-quality, 8-voice extended virtual analogue synth. It takes the sonically rich, snappy, and warm analogue synth sounds of iconic models from the past, and develops further on this solid auditory foundation. This updated take on analogue tones makes it the perfect modern addition to your arsenal, whether you’re a sound designer, producer, or musician. With a new oscillator engine, extensive modulation options, an arpeggiator, morphable 4-pole ladder filter, step sequencer and more, there’s plenty to experiment with.

Quality Construction
Every component used in the construction of the COBALT8 contributes to a premium playing experience. A durable aluminium/steel chassis provides a solid platform, while the superior FATAR 37-note key bed – with full-size keys – is smooth, responsive and features channel aftertouch.

Hands on controls are present in the form of 24 buttons, 29 endless knobs, and there’s even an X/Y joystick which can be used for changing modulation and pitch. Altering your sounds goes even further too via the integrated stereo effects engine, augmented by a 3-slot FX engine. Throw in 11 FX algorithms – flanger (neg), flanger (pos), phaser, chorus, lo-fi, stereo delay, rotary, reverb, X-over delay and ping-pong delay!

More Tools
The COBALT8 packs some in some serious sonic firepower. Use the monophonic bass/lead patch for powerful low-end tones, or the eight true polyphonic voices for luxurious, decadent synth pad chords and strings.

That’s not all though; two dedicated oscillator groups, featuring 4 oscillators on each, can create virtual-analog sound with unrivalled ease. 34 additional algorithms – from ring modulation, to sync and waveform morphing – increase your creative toolkit even more.

A self-oscillating 4-pole morphable ladder filter (with resonance) sprinkles a sharper bite and rich warmth onto your sounds. Four filter modes and two contrasting characteristics can then be swapped between with ease.

Finally, three audio-rate LFO’s (two of which are polyphonic), can be routed via the modulation matrix. They can then be synced to an external or internal tempo. It’s augmented with three envelopes for the amp, filter and modulation – ensuring you’ve got precise control over both expression and dynamics.

Step Sequencer
You’ll be able to build dynamic and layered melodies from the ground-up using the onboard 512-note realtime step sequencer (with four animation lanes). It’s bolstered by a polyphonic 64-note mode, as well as various sequencer trigger functions and a built-in arpeggiator. Sustain, latch, transpose, inversions and chord hold performance options round out the proceedings.

Versatile Connectivity
With expression and sustain inputs, USB inputs, headphone monitoring, a MIDI in/out (letting you sync alongside external equipment), and dedicated line inputs, you’ve got every connectivity option you could ever need.

Patch Potential
You’ll be able to easily store any sequences you create, as well as effects and patches; there’s room for a 100 custom configurations in all! You’ll also be able to harness around 300 (of a total 500) patches which contain factory banks that have been programmed by leading sound designers.

The MODALapp
This free app gives you streamlined editing functionality on both your smartphone and and computer. Use it to manage your sequences and patches, and build your own unique sounds from the ground-up. It’s available standalone on iOS, Windows, macOS iPadOS and Android platforms.


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