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Moog Matriarch Dark Edition with SR CASE (Limited Period Offer)

 210,900.00  199,900.00

Key Features:

  • Get Moog SR Case worth Rs. 35,000 for FREE!
  • Semi-modular analog synth with 49-key Fatar keybed and monophonic, duophonic, and paraphonic playability. Stereo analog delay with up to 700ms of delay
  • 256-step sequencer supports up to 4 notes per steps. Save up to 12 sequencer patterns for instant recall. Sequencer can be decoupled from Matriarch to sequence external synths
  • Arpeggiator features Forward/Backward, Order, and Reverse playback modes. 90 modular patch points offer astounding creative potential
  • 4 analog oscillators, with multiple waveforms and hard-sync capability. Analog LFO with 6 waveforms, plus an additional “simple” LFO
  • Dual analog filters with 3 modes — parallel (HP/LP), stereo (LP/LP) and series (HP/LP).  2 analog ADSR envelopes and 2 analog VCAs. 3 bipolar attenuators with ring-mod capability
  • 2 x 4 parallel-wired unbuffered mults for signal splitting. 1/4″ aux input for processing instruments, synths, and drum machines. 1/4″ and 1/8″ Eurorack-level audio outputs for modular convenience


There’s a new Mother in town. Introducing the Moog Matriarch Dark, a 4-voice paraphonic analog synthesizer that’s bursting at the seams with features.

The Dark Series

This the same great instrument you know and love – now with a darker stylistic twist. The new sleek and minimal all-black aesthetic harks back to the timeless modular control panel designs that were the inspiration behind the synths initial creation. It also offers a more simple alternative to the original multi-coloured look of the initial model.

Paraphonic Power

It’s immediately obvious that the Matriarch has been built-up from the formula of Moog’s incredibly popular Grandmother, first released in 2018. A number of upgrades make the Matriarch a different type of Mother altogether.

First up, you’ve got 4-voices sharing a common envelope filter. This provides plenty of chordal and harmonic depth, and sounds that little bit fatter when you play unison leads or bass parts.

Next up, the sound is expanded outwards with a number of extra components; two vintage-style stereo ladder filters, dual envelope generators, stereo analog delay and stereo VCAs. The Matriarch is a genuine tonal powerhouse, perfect for everything from pulsing pop to otherworldly soundscapes.

Arpeggiation for the Nation

Another standout feature is the built-in arpeggiation and sequencer. The former has three modes (order, forward/backward, random), while the latter has a whopping 256 steps. It doesn’t end there though; 4-notes per step and 12 spaces to store your sequences, and you can use it to sequence external gear. Locked and loaded.

90 modular patch points further expand the tonal palette, allowing you to truly hone in on a sound that’s unique to you. Coupled with audio input, stereo 1/4” outputs, Eurorack 3.5mm outputs and a 49-note Fatar keybed, and you’ve got a piece of gear that’ll fit neatly into any family – but it’s just as powerful as a standalone.


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