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PreSonus StudioLive 64s + StudioLive 32R

 558,900.00  429,900.00

StudioLive 64s

  • 64-channel digital mixing console
  • Fully recallable XMAX preamps with ultra-low noise floor
  • 33 touch-sensitive motorized faders allow you to mix with precision
  • Quad-core FLEX DSP engine
  • Record and play back up to 64 channels via USB
  • Supports AVB over Ethernet
  • Built-in SD card support for multitrack recording and virtual soundchecks
  • FLEX FX multi-effects processor & Fat Channel processing
  • Full-color touchscreen and channel scribble strips
  • 32 Flex Mixes can be used as aux mixes, subgroups, or matrix mixes
  • DAW control with advanced Studio One integration, MCU emulation for Logic, and HUI emulation for Pro Tools
  • Software package includes UC Surface 2 touch-control software (Mac/PC/Android/iOS), Capture recording software (Mac/PC), Studio One Artist DAW software (Mac/PC), QMix personal monitoring app (iOS/Android)


StudioLive 32R

  • 34-input, 32-channel digital rackmount mixer and AVB Stagebox for StudioLive Series III consoles
  • Record and play back up to 40 channels via USB, or up to 55 channels via AVB Ethernet
  • Integrated stereo SD digital recorder is perfect for instant live recordings
  • 32 fully recallable XMAX preamps with ultra-low noise floor
  • 4 internal effects buses with a combination of reverbs, delays and other effects
  • Fat Channel processing provides vintage EQ and compression options for each channel
  • Advanced scene management helps you manage complex mixing tasks more efficiently
  • 16 Flex Mixes can be used as Aux mixes, Subgroups, or Matrix mixes
  • Software package includes UC Surface 2 touch-control software (Mac/PC/iOS), Capture recording software (Mac/PC), Studio One Artist DAW software (Mac/PC), QMix personal monitoring app (iOS/Android)


5 reasons why the PreSonus Series III mixers are class leaders and why this bundle offer is simply unbeatable!

  • Best sounding console in its class with Studio One sound engine, next generation converters and updated XMAX preamps.
  • The flex DSP engine makes it the most powerful console in its class
  • Loaded with features such as the powerful and flexible flex mixes, high-quality emulations of vintage EQ’s, Dynamic processors and FX on every channel, one-to-one full digital patching, multitrack SD card recorder/playback and much more makes it the most feature packed console in its class!
  • Under this bundle offer, you will get two full-fledged digital mixers in which the 32R can be used as a stagebox or a standalone mixer and all at a price which no one offers in its class
  • Can also be used in the studio as a digital mixer or full-fledged controller for your DAW’s such as ProTools, Cubase, Logic etc and unmatched integration and experience with Studio One.


Powerful FLEX DSP engine

The StudioLive 32SX offers a dual-core FLEX DSP engine possesses enough processing muscle to run 286 simultaneous processors, 26 mix buses, and 40 mixing channels.

The StudioLive 64S offers a quad-core FLEX DSP engine possesses enough processing muscle to run 526 simultaneous processors, 43 mix buses, and 76 mixing channels.

High-Quality XMAX preamps onboard

32 Class A XMAX preamps onboard in the StudioLive mixers sound legendary. Their high headroom and low noise floor deliver an extremely clean and clear sound you simply wouldn’t expect from a live console.

Flex Mixes

Flex Mixes can be set up as aux mixes, subgroups, or matrix mixes, depending on what your show demands. Need a ton of different monitor mixes for a large group of musicians? No problem. You can create up to 16 aux sends if you need to. Same with subgroups and matrix mixes

Advanced processing for EQ, compression, and effects

The StudioLive series of consoles has always been known for outstanding effects. Its FLEX FX multi-effects processor supplies you with four internal effects buses that are loaded with a combination of reverbs, delays, and other effects that you can route any channel through.

Three options for multitrack recording

The PreSonus StudioLive gives you three efficient options for multitrack recording.

  • SD card
  • USB
  • AVB Network


Remote control your digital mixer from anywhere—on any device

PreSonus StudioLive Series III digital mixers are tightly integrated with an entire suite of state-of-the-art software. Mix wirelessly using UC Surface touch-control software for macOS®, Windows, iPad® and Android™. Control your monitor mixes with QMix®-UC for iPhone®, iPod® touch, and Android devices.

A complete networked solution

StudioLive Series III networked products form an ecosystem that is easily expanded and quickly configured. Designed to enhance each other, these products are at the forefront of AVB networking technology. With the new Ecosystem 3.0 firmware, the network cant be any better.

Studio One revolutionized music recording, making common mixing and production tasks as easy as drag-and-drop. Tight integration with StudioLive digital mixers allows you to control everything right under your fingertips.


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