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SE Electronics BL8 Cardioid Boundary Microphone


Key Features:

  • Highly Versatile Boundary Microphone
  • Ideal for Kick Drums & High SPL Sources
  • Half-Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • -10 or -20 dB Attenuation Pad
  • 80 or 160 Hz Low-Cut Switch
  • Classic or Modern EQ Character Switch
  • Ultra-Thin 3-Micron Condenser Diaphragm
  • Compatible with Kelly Shu Flatz System
  • Tour-Ready, All-Metal Construction
  • Includes Travel Pouch


Delivering an all-metal, tank-like build quality and extreme flexibility for a range of live and studio applications, the BL8 Boundary Microphone from sE Electronics sports a half-cardioid, 3-micron true condenser diaphragm for exceptional sensitivity in the low-frequency range, making it ideal for kick drum miking. With onboard controls for two different low-cut frequencies (80 or 160 Hz), two different attenuation levels (-10 or -20 dB), and two different EQ voicings (Classic or Modern), the BL8 is versatile indeed, deftly handling ambient room miking, pianos, and more with exceptional clarity.

The transformerless, class-A circuitry in the BL8 ensures enough headroom to avoid distortion and an ultralow-noise signal with plentiful transparency. The tour-ready enclosure sports a dent-proof grille and gold-plated XLR contacts to survive the rigors of the road, and the durable design can also support the Kelly Shu Flatz Isolation System, ideal for heavy touring applications. This microphone includes a carry pouch for safe transport.

Low Cut
This switch allows you to curb low-frequency response at two different frequencies (80 or 160 Hz) or leave it flat. For applications like room miking or speech, the low-cut switch reduces unwanted footfall noise and rumble. It can also be used to minimize proximity effect.

Attenuation Pad
The attenuation pad reduces the microphone’s signal by 10 or 20 dBs when activated, preventing loud sources from overloading your mixer, preamp, or audio interface. In its center position, the pad is deactivated, and the microphone’s output is unaffected.
It is recommended that you initially activate the 10 dB attenuation when miking a kick drum. For very loud sources, you may need to activate the 20 dB attenuation. Moderately loud sources should be fine at the 0 dB setting.

The ideal studio kick drum tone is often different than preferences in a live sound environment. Similar to the award-winning kick-drum mic, the V KICK, the BL8 offers Classic and Modern character voicings.
These options both cut and shape the low-mid frequencies to emphasize transients and punch. In its center position, the capsule’s neutral response is retained, which is ideal for a plethora of other applications.

Swappable Capsule
The capsule inside the BL8 can be swapped for an alternative, such as the sE8 omnidirectional capsule, to allow for an even greater range of applications. Simply turn the screw at the center of the mic’s grille until its loose, remove the capsule retainer screw, and replace.

Surface Mounting
Using screws, the BL8 can be mounted to a surface, wall, ceiling, or the lid of a grand piano. Simply open the microphone as you would if you were changing the capsule.
The two mounting points are covered with black stickers; remove them with a sharp tool. Then, use a sharp tool to punch through the underlying protective foil, and mount as desired with screws (not included).


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