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Modal Electronics SKULPT synthesiser


  • 4 voice – 32 oscillator virtual analogue synthesiser
  • 8 oscillators per voice with 2 selectable morphable waveforms
  • Multi option Unison / spread to detune the 32 oscillators for a huge sound
  • 8 slot modulation matrix with 8 sources and 37 destinations
  • 3 x envelope generators for Filter, Amplitude and Modulation
  • 2 x audio rate LFOs, one global and one polyphonic
  • Realtime sequencer that will record up to 256 notes and up to 4 parameters.
  • Fully-featured arpeggiator with division, direction, octave, swing and sustain controls.
  • Resonant filter that can be morphed from low pass, through band pass, to high pass
  • Delay and distortion (waveshaping overdrive, not bitcrushing) effects
  • 128 patch and 64 sequence storage locations

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Oscillation galore
By combining 32 virtual analog oscillators into 4 voices, Modal have created a synthesizer that somehow combines affordability, compact design and absolutely killer tone. Whether you’re after resonant monophonic leads, detuned ambient patches or anything between, the Skulpt is locked and loaded.

With in-depth tuning/detuning, comprehensive modulation and full-fat envelope generators (just a handful of features), the Skulpt is – as the name suggests – totally customisable in its sound. Its eye-popping interface is surprisingly easy to get to grips with, making the endless options that little bit more enjoyable!

Experiment, perform & record on the go
Did we mention that this thing is pretty tiny? It’s designed to fit onto any desk space and into any carry case or rucksack. Thanks to MIDI, USB and sync in/out compatibility, it’s also built to slot seamlessly into your existing rig – Eurorack? Digital workstation? Ableton Live? No sweat.

A built-in sequencer and arpeggiator allow you to set this thing loose while you found your sound, making experimentation that little bit easier. Top it off with a handy protective lid that can be flipped to raise the Skulpt, and it’s starting to sound like Modal have thought of everything!


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