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Ultimate Support HYP-1010 COMPACT LAPTOP STAND


  • Sturdy Features and locking mechanisms ensure your laptop stays securely in place
  • Thin feet can slide under mixers and keyboards.
  • Can be setup in multiple configurations and adjusted to ideal height
  • Wide base allows for greater stability
  • Compact design folds flat and slides easily into included tote


Hyper® Series Ergonomic Compact Laptop Stand

The HYP-1010 from Ultimate Support was designed to elevate your laptop in sturdy style, while still being able to fold up into your backpack for travel. Perfect for the gamer, producer, designer, or pretty much any kind of laptop user on the move; The HYP-1010 also provides the rigid, stylish support that makes it perfect for more permanent applications. Depending on how you like to set up, the HYP-1010 can fold into multiple configurations for use. Whatever you throw at it, the HYP-1010 will lock into place and support your laptop wherever it takes you.


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