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Evo SP8


● 8x EVO Mic Preamps
● 2x JFET Instrument Inputs
● 8x Line Outputs
● 2x ADAT Inputs
● 2x ADAT Outputs
● Class Leading 32-bit AD/DA Converters
● Multi-Channel Smartgain
● ‘EVO Motion UI’ Control System
● Optional Rack Ears
● Word Clock Input
● 24bit / 96kHz


The perfect partner for your audio interface
Bigger sessions demand more channels and expanding your existing audio interface via ADAT might be the most cost effective solution to scale up your studio. EVO SP8 provides eight mic/line inputs, eight line outputs and 2 x ADAT connections, giving you enough I/O firepower to easily tackle multi-mic sessions like recording drums, or taking on a full band.

Get studio quality recordings The EVO Mic Preamp
Say hello to the preamps your studio needs. Eight sonically stunning EVO preamps will effortlessly level up your recordings, delivering professional grade audio performance backed by 25 years of engineering experience. Our analogue mic preamp has been designed to deliver the most accurate, clean and true to source version of your audio, no matter what you’re recording.

An analogue mic preamp, but smarter.
Fire your studio into the 21st century with our powerful EVO Preamp technology. Combining all the sonic advantages of a studio-grade analogue mic preamp with digitally controlled tactile precision, the EVO Preamp gives you the ability to set your gain with pin-point accuracy, right down to the decibel.

Better converters = better audio Advanced Converter Technology

In the studio, sound is everything and EVO SP8’s high performance 32-bit AD/DA converters make sure you hear your audio accurately at all times, whether you’re recording music or sending audio to your favourite outboard gear and back when mixing. Better converters mean better audio – helping you make creative decisions confidently, identify issues and improve your overall recording and mixing game.
A total gain-changer… Smartgain
Make recording drums and larger sessions easy with Smartgain. Automatically set the gain for all eight channels at once with a simple touch of a button. Powered by our lightning quick Smartgain algorithm, Smartgain uses advanced peak analysis to automatically analyse, adjust and set your gain to the perfect levels – all in less than 20 seconds! Now it’s up to you to figure out what to do with all that time you’re saving…

– Works on 8 mics at once- Save Time
– Avoid Clipping
Don’t believe us? [Insert SG Drum Video]

Introducing Motion UI
A powerful new control system
Navigate SP8’s hardware features with blazing speed courtesy of the all new Motion User Interface. For the first time, a stunning high resolution, full colour screen intelligently displays information as you need it, transforming EVO SP8 into a fully immersive, easy to use Smart Preamp – the first of its kind.

The Screen
Every adjustment, every detail, every button press is beautifully displayed on a TFT backlit LCD Screen giving your real time visual feedback of your audio, letting you make changes on the fly and take complete control of EVO SP8 without ever looking at your computer.
Plus, IPS technology means information on the screen remains legible no matter your viewing angle – ideal for a variety of setups.

Channel Status
Pressing an input button momentarily displays the channel name, the levels and the functions activated for that specific channel. All the information you ever need in one place.

Keep an eye on your levels by quickly cycling through your input levels with EVO SP8’s crystal clear, full colour metering.

One Knob Control

Designed to keep your session in motion, One-Knob-Control lets you glide through EVO SP8’s hardware features from a single centralised point. Unlimited power, simple control.

Classic tone, modern sound 2 x Instrument Inputs
To build a monster guitar sound you need the right foundation. Our harmonically rich JFET instrument input circuit is designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier, providing an ideal sonic foundation before you hit your guitar sims.

Stacked or Racked Portable
Designed to slot straight into your studio, EVO SP8 defies the normal with its deceptively small form factor. Although jam-packed full of features, at just over 14in wide with non-slip rubber feet, SP8 works perfectly whether on your desktop, in a portable rig or as a permanent fixture in your studio.

All of our products come with a three-year limited warranty, guaranteeing you further protection and peace of mind when you choose EVO Audient.

Compatible with all major audio software and plugins, EVO SP8 comes bundled with a collection of professional recording software including Cubase LE, giving you everything you need to start recording right out of the box.


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