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sE Electronics DM3


Key Features:

  • Ultra-HiZ input for getting the best out of your instrument
  • Massive headroom for even the hottest instruments
  • A new standard to the ground lift switch
  • Lockable ¼” input jack to prevent accidental disconnects
  • Dedicated Class-A output buffer amplifier and premium finish
  • Slim, all-metal discrete housing and gold XLR connectors


Dynamite Sound in Your Pocket

The DM3 employs the well-established DYNAMITE technology of the sE DM1 and DM2 in-line preamps in order to achieve high-quality sound in a pocket-sized form factor. Its ultra-Hi-Z input, massive headroom, and dedicated Class-A output buffer and amplifier ensure that you will always get the best out of your instrument. The DM3 can be directly connected to any phantom-powered XLR input, with no need for an extra cable.

The DM3 features a dedicated three-position ground-lift switch. In the Off position, the ground lift is deactivated. If you are experiencing unwanted hum or buzz, a ground loop might be causing this. Turning the switch to the On position will break any such loops, greatly reducing noise. The switch’s third position engages the new On+ circuitry. This innovative electronic design can help to reduce unwanted noise, not only in the low-frequency, but also in the in the high-frequency range. This is a great option if you are still experiencing a hissing sound or radio-frequency interference with the ground lift engaged.



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