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Ultimate Support Stands AX-48 Pro Mic Boom


  • Microphone Boom Arm Adapter and Telescoping Ulti-Boom for Use with APEX® AX-48 Pro Keyboard Stand
  • Adds microphone boom arm the APEX AX-48 Pro
  • Includes the adapter and Telescoping Ulti-Boom
  • Easy to install


Have you ever wished your keyboard stand and microphone stand were the same stand? Tired of trying to figure out where to put your mic stand when playing keyboards? This extremely convenient boom adapter and boom arm is for use with the APEX® AX-48 Pro keyboard stand. Simply detach the accessory compartment lid on the top of the APEX AX-48 Pro, snap this microphone boom adapter into place, tighten the two bolts (Allen wrench included), and attach the included Ulti-Boom boom arm and you’re all set!

Keyboard Stand and Mic Stand – The Same Stand!
We know how difficult it can be to perfectly place a microphone when playing keyboards – especially if you’re playing two keyboards. The AX-48 Pro Mic Boom is a great addition to the APEX AX-48 Pro keyboard stand. Combine the two and you have a legendary keyboard stand with two tiers and one of the finest telescoping mic stands ever designed – all in the same stand!

Easy to Install
You’ll be able to add this mic boom to your APEX AX-48 Pro quickly and easily. It takes just minutes to install the AX-48 Pro Mic Boom. Simply remove the accessory cap on top, pop in the adapter, tighten the two bolts using the included Allen wrench, and attach the Ulti-Boom boom arm. It really is that easy!

Ulti-Boom Telescoping Boom Arm Included
When it came time to design a new generation of microphone boom arms, Ultimate Support decided to throw known conventions out the window and give way to innovation. Welcome to the Ulti-Boom professional microphone boom arm. The Ulti-Boom mic boom arm features a heavy-duty, die-cast counterweight, ergonomic adjustment knobs that feel great in your hands, and lightweight (yet durable) anodized aluminum tubing with internal glides that ensure fast, smooth, noise-free adjustment. Ulti-Boom by Ultimate Support has redefined how professional boom arms should perform.

AX-48 Pro Mic Boom Specs:

  • Ulti-Boom Length: 18.9” – 34.6” (480mm – 880mm)
  • Weight (Boom and Adapter): 2.5 lbs. (1.1 kg)
  • For use with Ultimate Support APEX AX-48 Pro keyboard stand


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